“Maks turned 2 months on 19th and I still can’t believe how fast this time flies. With that being said this post was long overdue because this whole wonderful experience that I had so far with my labor, delivery and postpartum care for my newborn wouldn’t be possible without my amazing doula - Ebonie! I asked to be part of my team when I was 36 weeks pregnant and that was one of the best decisions I made. I went from being scared to death to give birth to being happy, smiling and talking between my contractions while being 9 cm dilated.

"She gave me confidence that I can have normal, natural delivery and cope with the pain without using any drugs, by utilizing all the amenities that hospital have - bathtub, yoga balls, massages and do as many squats as I can. As a result, I gave birth to Maks that was 9 lb 12oz naturally and pushed him an hour and a half! My labor experience went from being super scary to the most amazing and rewarding experience I’ve had in my life!”

— Andjelka

“She made it a truly magical experience that made me feel so strong, confident, and heard. Forever grateful”

— Megan

"I had the pleasure of having Ebonie by my side for the birth of my first born son. Ebonie was amazing! She was able to keep me calm throughout the entire birthing experience. Talking me through my contraction, helping me keep my focus. She was the encouraging voice I needed when the time came to push my baby boy out. Having Ebonie by my side made my first birthing experience a great one. I was able to enjoy my experience, she took my anxiety away. I would

definitely do it all over again with Ebonie by my side!"


Ebonie is amazing! She truly helped me navigate the entire birthing process! Helped me create my birthing plan, the appropriate questions to ask, and posed questions I never thought about. Thanks, Ebonie for all your help!

- Jamie

“Before becoming a doula, as my friend Ebonie helped me with breastfeeding my first child. She reviewed the techniques again once home from the hospital and helped me establish a routine for baby including how to best sterilize the baby bottles and prepare for the next feeding. She even coached me through the natural birth of my third child. Even though I had gone through it a couple of times before it was great having a listening ear and added encouragement to stay focused, know that I can do it, and reassuring voice.

"Thanks, Ebonie! Highly recommend her services.”