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After giving birth to my own 4 children and helping countless others with labor and delivery, I realized I had a natural gift for being supportive and nurturing to women and families before, during, and after the miracle of birth. I believe what I do is a ministry and you are my priority. It is my goal to support your choices for your labor.

I will help you find your inner power during and after labor. My job is to provide continuous emotional support, knowledge/understanding of emotions and physiology of labor, employ comfort measures to assist you and your partner in preparing for and carrying out your plans for birth

Mr. & Mrs.

Mike and I have known each other for 13 years and been married for 4 years. We love traveling and spending time with friends and family. 


My son Elijah was born when I was just 21 years old. I had no idea what to expect during the labor and delivery process or even what to ask of my medical team. All I knew was that I was supposed to be giving birth on January 28th, 2006 and although I was young I was excited to be a mom. Have you ever heard the saying if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans, well I woke up on January 4, 2016 at 3:00 am with serious contractions...3 weeks early! I immediately called my doctor who told me to “wait it out” and make sure they were “true” contractions. After speaking with the doctor I called my sister, who had birthed 3 children and who was then and still remains a major part of my support system and she told me the same thing! Once I realized that the contractions were indeed “real” you might think I would have rushed to the hospital right? Nope! I showered, shaved my legs (because that’s a must... not), vacuumed my apartment and THEN went to the hospital. Once I arrived I was put in a room, told I was 4 cm dilated and just barely over 34 weeks. The doctor wanted to stop my contractions but they were too intense. I was given an enema, which they don't even do that anymore and I laid in bed for hours! At 8cm I was given an epidural that didn’t kick in until after I started pushing. At 10:00 pm the doctor put my legs in stirrups and told me to push. I hadn't taking any birth classes so I was not familiar with how to push. After "pushing" for roughly 5 minutes nothing was happening. I remember waiting for the “right” time to scream, it’s what I had seen from friends and on tv. The doctor then proceeded to ask the nurse to get the vacuum and Elijah was essentially sucked out! I didn’t realize how traumatic his birth was until years later in the moment I was just happy he was here. Each day with Elijah is a blessing to me, he made me a mommy!


I was more prepared for my daughter Naomi‘s birth than I was for Elijah’s. Being Elijah’s mother gave me the confidence I needed to be sure of the things I wanted and didn’t want during Naomi’s birthing process. Naomi’s due date was May 3 however she was born April 12. Early births seemed to be becoming a trend, go figure. Once again in the middle of the night contractions started, but this time I wasn’t as young, I wasn’t alone, and I knew my contractions were real! My fiance’ and I got up grabbed our overnight bags and went to the hospital. Once there I was told that my contractions were too far apart but that I was in pre-labor, I had the option of going back home or staying at the hospital and laboring. I decided to stay at the hospital to labor; I walked the halls, took showers, and baths. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through each contraction but I decided that no matter what I wasn't getting an epidural and that my baby would under no circumstances be sucked out! Although I refused the epidural I was given Pitocin to help intensify my contractions hopefully moving things along. After laboring for hours and only reaching 5 cm dilated my sister and the doctor said to themselves we’ve got plenty of time before this show gets going and they left and went to lunch. While they were at lunch I decided to take another bath to help me cope with my contractions, they were kicking my butt. I got in the bathtub, was in there for roughly 10 minutes, felt like a bowling ball was in my tush, and next thing I know Naomi is coming out! I delivered my own baby in the hospital bathtub! She was by far my easiest labor. She is the light of my life and my right hand girl!


You’ve heard the quote “when you know better you do better” well with my daughter Micah’s birth I knew better so I did better. I made the personal decision to go with a midwife in lieu of an OB. I wanted my birthing experience to be completely natural, not just exempt from pharmaceutical support but natural and supportive of the mind, body, and spirit of both me and my baby. I gained 30 pounds while carrying Micah. This was the most weight I had ever gained and it was challenging for me as I had never experienced this type of weight gain during my other pregnancies. However this would be the first of many firsts experienced with Micah. She was my first child to go beyond 34 weeks, I had Micah at 39 weeks and two days and it felt like 12 months! I went into labor with her at 8:00 pm and labored throughout the night at the hospital. I walked, did squats and lots of marching as my coping mechanism for the pain. After taking a bath, in the hopes Micah would come out like Naomi, I felt the same bowling ball pressure but this time when I felt the pressure I got out of the tub. My midwife checked me and I had a bulging sack of water, my midwife broke my water and Micah came out roughly 5 minutes later. Micah was instantly alert, eyes as wide as they are today! She was also my largest baby, such a cute little chunk! Micah keeps me on my toes and continues to trail-blaze “firsts”!


With my daughter Gabrielle’s birth I decided I would labor in our home as long as possible. I went to my midwife that morning and was 4 cm dilated, my active labor contractions were about 3 to 5 minutes apart. I went to the chiropractor for an adjustment, and did some grocery shopping. I decided to do one on one activities with each of my children understanding this was the last time I would just have three kids. I went for a long walk and during the walk my contractions intensified. It was time to call my husband to come home from work so we could go to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital I was just about 9 cm dilated and although Gabrielle was not my largest baby she would prove to be my hardest labor. While pushing I realized that what I was doing wasn't working. I knew I needed to make a change in the way in which I pushed. I didn't know what but something was very different and didn't feel right. I listened to my body and turned on my side and began to push. After almost 15 minutes of intense focused pushing Gabrielle was out. To our surprise she was sunny side up meaning she was face up when she came out. This positioning can be very dangerous to both mommy and baby and was the reason why pushing had been much harder this time. Although things moved quickly she was still my hardest labor. I got to the hospital at 5:36 and Gabrielle was born at 6:16pm. Although she may be smallest she is fierce, the baby of our family in every way! She has each of us wrapped around her pinky finger, except for maybe Micah!

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